You ARE Easily Replaceable

17 Jan

Just because you have held onto the job for this long, it doesn’t mean you aren’t expendable.

Contrary to popular belief, being a Nanny is the MOST important job on the PLANET!  You are caring for someones children.  Their lives are in your hands, therefore making you the most trusted person in that household.  Sure, the environment may be more relaxing than let’s office job, but you should be treating a Nanny position as serious as you would any other position.

The better you perform, the longer you shall keep the job.  The more respect you have for your employers, the more they will want to refer you to their friends and family members after their own children have grown, and they are no longer in need of your services.

For example, do not perform any actions similar to that presented in the cartoon above 🙂

In all seriousness though, there are a few little extra things that you can do (which are probably not required as per your contract) that will impress parents.

1.)  Vacuum

If you see crumbs on the carpet, vacuum them up.  This only takes about 5 minutes and it will show your responsibility for wanting to keep things neat and tidy.  Not only that, but it shows that you have respect for their home–enough respect that you will not allow it to become messy.

2.)  Reorganize

Whether it be toys or the pantry, a good reorganizing session will not only kill time for yourself, but it will be a nice treat for the parents to come home to.  Tip: try reorganizing the child’s/children’s books by season.  OR, straighten up the clothing in their drawers.

3.)  Teach the child something.

Let’s not forget why you were hired in the first place.  The child should be your primary focus here.  Want to impress parents?  Teach their child something new, fun, and or interesting!  It can be as simple as how to catch a ball, or even how to color in the lines.

Tip: Some of the greatest knowledge that a child can obtain are that of self-help skills…ie: washing their own hands, making their own bed, etc.  Also, it is very important that they know their first and last name, and address (phone number too, depending on age).  The parents will appreciate that you took the time to teach their child the necessary skills attributing to their growth process.  It shows your dedication to your job and to their child as well.

Song to teach a child their Name & Address

My name is Sally Smith,
(Sing your own name)

This is where I live,
1234 Wee Sing Lane,
(Sing where you live)

Any city, USA.
(Sing your city and state)


**I got this method from an old VHS that I grew up on from “Wee Sing”.  I believe the tune is an original (it does not go to Old MacDonald, or anything like that).  However, I do HIGHLY recommend the program, which is now on is link WeeSing Together.  There are a bunch of other songs on the movie.  Ages 2-6 in my opinion.


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