Paper Valentine’s Day Flowers

27 Jan

What you will need

Empty Egg Carton


Pipe Cleaners


Bingo Markers

Construction paper, Stapler, & Scissors


Cut up the egg carton in order to separate the pockets where the eggs sit

Have the child paint the carton pieces their color of choice

Lay carton pieces out to dry

While pieces are drying, have the child use the bingo markers on the doilies

Take two pieces of construction paper and staple the short ends to one another for the child

Roll up the paper into a funnel-like shape (this piece will act as the bouquet holder)

Poke the pipe cleaner through a doilie, then through the bottom of the egg carton piece…continue this process for the creation of each flower

Pinch a knot at the top of the pipe cleaner to secure

Put the flowers in the paper bouquet holder and the child can give them to someone special for Valentine’s Day 🙂

Optional*- For extra security, add a dab of hot glue underneath the doilie

A spritz of Febreeze makes them smell nice as well

***I will be adding fun video tutorials to make craft directions easier to follow…Stay tuned!


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