My “No David!” Praise

10 Feb

     So, I am a huge fan of the “David Series”.  The illustrations are not only happy and bright, but they are simple and fun to look at.  Even though “No David!” in particular has very few words on each page, I find that it enhances children both cognitively and social and emotionally.  David was a child like many children that often found himself in trouble-situations: spilling juice on Mommy’s carpet, forgetting to put his pants on before his walk to school, etc.  I used to read this book to my Twaddler class almost everyday; not only to teach them right from wrong, but it enabled me to ask them questions.  I loved asking them questions–it got them to think. “What is David doing?”  I’d ask.  They would answer: “He is skateboarding in the house!” “Where are we supposed to skateboard?” I’d ask.  “OUTSIDE!!!” they would respond.

So, before you pick up the book at your local bookstore and skim it prior to purchasing it for a child, remember not to judge a book by the inside pages.  Fewer words on a page can provide you with even more opportunities to help a child learn.   Happy reading!


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