First the Egg

28 Feb

Okay, so upon reading Laura Vaccaro Seeger’s “First the Egg”, you may say “That’s it?”  Honestly, I had the same thought when I first read this book…until I discovered the fun in it.  At the nursery school, my kids learned a lot from this book.  It helps them to cognitively understand the sequence of events; for example: “First the tadpole, and then the frog!”  After the children became more familiar with the book, I allowed them to answer in unison what would come next.

“First the Egg” made some of my most quietest students yell out loud; this was so pleasant to see.  So, this is why I love this book so much–definitely in my top 10 favorites as far as children’s books go.


Really want to make your kids feel smart?  Try photo copying the pages and cut out the featured items.  Then, have the children glue them on a piece of construction paper in order.  They can decorate the project afterwards with crayons and pom-poms if they want.


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