Mouse Paint

14 Mar

Gee, how I love Mouse Paint.  Eleen Stoll Walsh really knew what she was doing with this one.  These three cute little mice will teach children how mixing two colors together (in this case, by stepping in them) will sometimes make a new one.

With my classroom of two-year-olds, I would read this book almost everyday; the kids had it mastered.  Before writing this post, I read on another blog that this book and any crafts that may derive from it, are only suitable for 1st graders. HA!  Not only did I have two-year-olds memorizing this story, but they were reciting it as they mixed two colors of paint together to create a new one.

So, it just goes to show you.  Do NOT underestimate children.  They are smarter than you think.  All that’s required is a little patience and repetition.

I am not going to list a nifty craft for Mouse Paint, for the ideas are endless.  Ok fine, I’ll list one LOL!


What you’ll need:

Soft Sponges





Cut the sponges into the shape of feet (human feer, mouse feet, whatever your heart desires)

Mix the colors as instructed in the book (I recommend purchasing the book because you will need to consult it, as I forget myself what colors make what when mixed together)

Have the children “step” in the different colors of paint with the foot sponges and mix them together on the paper

*Your kids will love this book.  The smarter they feel, the smarter they will be–and they WILL learn something from Mouse Paint!



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