I Just Adore The Fresh Beat Band

1 Jun

Okay, so I am obsessed with The Fresh Beat Band lol, alright maybe not OBSESSED.  That’s I dangerous word.  However I do think they are a wonderfully talented group.

The show is super cute and funny.  I also own the CD (only con is that the problem solving song is not on it lol) and their songs are ridiculously catchy.  The little girl I babysit for adores them and it’s oh SO cute to see a child of her size singing and dancing to the music.  I’d love to get her tickets for her 2nd birthday, but they are just as pricey as my Madonna tickets!  Too funny.  Very deserving though Fresh Beats, very deserving.

I have been trying to read on the FBB, but only found a few fun facts on IMDB:

The Fresh Beat Band was originally called The Jumparounds.
Each member of the band has their own catchphrase. Shout – “Cool Beans!”, Marina – “Hip Hop and Pop!”, Kiki – “Kickin’!”, and Twist – “sweet”.
Each band member has their own designated colors. Even when they change outfits, the outfits still have the same colors. Shout – brown and orange, Marina – teal and purple, Kiki – pink and white, and Twist – blue and yellow
The Fresh Beat Band has a group of younger children that dress like them, and follow them around. This group is known as the Junior Beats.
The town that they live in is never mentioned.
Shayna Rose (the original girl that played the character “Marina”) left the series after the second season, because she got engaged and also wanted to pursue other acting opportunities. She was replaced by Tara Perry.
Anyhow, if you would like my advice, get your children into the FBB!  Not only will they be attracted to the singing and dancing, but each episode has a story–complete with humor and extremely bright colors.

For your viewing pleasure, The Fresh Beat Band’s “Shine”–http://youtu.be/mHZ6WlEz3j0


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