My name is Nicole and yes, I am a Nanny/Babysitter/Childcare Worker/Former Nursery School Teacher.  I am also a writer and have dreams of working in the field of children/parenting editorial.  So, here it is- The Nifty Nanny is my starting point!

Many people ask if I myself have children; the answer is no- No, I do not have children; not yet at least (first comes love, then comes marriage, THEN comes the baby in the baby carriage).  However, I do promise that any advice coming from me, will be very sound, useful advice.

I am not going to list my full resumé, but I do want to share some of my experience…

I have two younger brothers.  My first-born brother arrived when I was at the ripe-old age of 10 years old.  This is when I began changing diapers, making bottles, burping, etc.  While most 10-year-olds would cringe, I did not mind at all.  I guess I’ve always enjoyed taking care of something so special, feeling responsible…feeling important.  There no job more important than caring for a little one.

Odd jobs in babysitting for neighborhood families became more and more available in my teens.  Then after attending college for a short amount of time in the education field, I landed a job as a Nursery School Teacher’s Assistant.  After a year or so, I was promoted and was in charge of my own classroom.  Each month, my bulletin boards displayed the children learning a new activity which heightened their sensory, language, social and emotional development, fine and gross motor skills, and more.  My boards, in their originality, were photographed and documented by franchise managers. When this happened, I knew I wanted to take my expertise and adoration relating to children, and integrate it with my creativity and ability to write.

Want to contribute to The Nifty Nanny?

Please send all inquiries to theniftynanny@gmail.com

I am accepting real-life stories, arts & craft ideas, and even insight from parents.  All are welcome!

Don’t forget to Follow me on Twitter @TheNiftyNanny


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